HoopNation 365 Basketball League:

The purpose of HN 365 basketball League is to maintain and establish a year round basketball league for students junior high to twelfth grade. HN will provide an avenue for youth to excel, execute, and advance in their team play and individual skills through our tournaments and league formats. In addition, HN basketball league will serve as a platform for college recruiting scouts. They will observe and monitor athletes as they continually advance each year while working towards scholarships to be proficient in their future education and basketball endeavors. Our goal is to assist teams and players to compete in competitive basketball competition while advancing in all levels and maximizing their skills, allowing them the opportunity to compete at the highest level possible.

HoopNation 365 basketball league primary focus is three fold:

  •  The goal is to seek, attract, and provide an atmosphere for college recruiting scouts to observe future athletes for scholarships. Recruiters can observe and monitor youth athletes progression as they advance in their basketball skills and educational years.
  • To provide a program where athletes can work to become the best on and off the court.
  • To provide nutritional insight on how athletes should fuel their body in order to perform to their maximum ability.

Always stay IN THE GAME by checking out our event page and online calendar regularly for dates and times of upcoming events!