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Shantel Hardison Sports Center

Savage Training Systems

Savage Training was created and designed by Shantel Hardison. Savage specializes in sports performance training for all ages and levels. We use hundreds of high speed training game specific repetitions to give you explosive quickness on the court, lock down defense, tremendous ball handling, instincts of the game, a knock down jump shot, and accurate passing ability. We use training regiments with a variety of unique techniques as well as time-tested staples of athletic training to maximize effectiveness. We also provide complete year-round training for team and individual off season, post season, in-season and pre-season training. 

We keep logbooks and worksheets so we can track an individuals progress. We use shorter intense workouts that are designed to emulate real game situation’s. A combination of game-situation drills with quick intense repetitions is a necessity for improvement. We train athletes for fitness, weight loss, muscle development, core strength, and cardiovascular for a NO EXCUSE. mentality. We also incorporate kinesthetic, plyometric, speed and agility, and Explosion drills. “WE DON’T TRAIN TO BE GOOD, WE TRAIN TO BE GREAT”.  So if you’re willing to put in the work, the results are exceptional.

S.A.V.A.G.E. Instincts Sports Performance Academy Training

The Academy: Our basketball training academy / clinics will apply technical basketball instructions, intensive drill sequences, and guided game situational play from some of the most proven basketball coaches. S.A.V.G.E. Training will provide highly refined training methods that will translate from the practice court to game competition.

The X’s & O’s: Player education in the form of lectures, film session, as well as individual and team demonstration’s to help increase basketball I.Q. There will also be mentorships throughout the camp from coaches! We will have a post camp written analysis from our coaches, which will allow the player to use for continued improvement. We will improve the players balance, movement, concentration, flexibility, power, and physical conditioning.

Game Time
Our academy will focus on game situations such as:

  • Spacing
  • Movement off of a screen
  • One on one attack
  • Defense and penetration

There will be advanced techniques such as:

  • Reading the defense
  • Fast breaks
  • Post moves (high & low post)
  • Running a team as a point guard
  • Creating your shot, and help defense

There will be mental conditioning:

  • Confidence building
  • Focus
  • Game preparation
  • Attitude

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