Chad Lott Testimony

Montrey Thomas Testimony

Tyrone Hamilton

“Ms. Shantel Hardison is one of a kind.  She is not only a great trainer, but a great and wonderful person as well. Training with her for the three month span was the best time and experience I had in a very long time. Her passion and commitment was so contagious and she made it a joy to go through the tough workouts each day. I believe that her ability to reach athletes are the best I have witness with any trainer I have dealt with. I have played in several countries and for several different teams and this experience was top of the line. She really takes her craft serious and make sure that you will get better each time you step in between the lines.  It will be a joy to work with her again and I am looking forward to the challenge. One thing you can say about her is that she will not let you slack. She will push you to limits you didn’t know you were capable of reaching. The appreciation will definitely be there because you will cherish the moments you are awarded to spend with her. If you are ready to work, she is the person to be with. Once again, I am thankful to know her and have her as a friend and trainer.”

Troy Davis Satisfied Parent

When I heard that former LA. Tech University basketball standout player Shantel Hardison had opened a Sports Center that will provide basketball training for area youth, I quickly signed my son up for the opportunity to continue his quest to be the best player that he could be. I've been around the game of basketball for a long-long time and I know that you cannot give any coach nor trainer passion to teach an athlete how to train for game situations. I have witnessed the training and I approve of Shantel Hardison’s work with my son. Shantel Hardison has the knowledge that is needed to raise the basketball IQ of each player she trains. Shantel Hardison also has the right temperament and training style that make athletes want to come back for more and more. Just like my son, who has greatly improved his footwork, ball handling, shooting, passing and mental skills under the Shantel Hardison!"

Ron & Erica Heard

My wife and I would like to thank Coach Shantel Hardison for training our 2 kids about the importance of physical conditioning and teaching them skills to be better basketball players.  Coach Hardison is dedicated, knowledgeable, and committed to teaching athletes how to be mentally and physically ready to compete.  Since our kids started working out with Coach Shantel they have become better defenders, better ball handlers, and their offensive skills have doubled. The increased confidence they have from working out with Coach Shantel has improved their basketball performance during games.  Thanks!!!

Laura Steward

Shantel Hardison has been instrumental in my son's development as a basketball player.  She has vast knowledge and passion for the game of basketball.  For anyone with goals to develop into a complete basketball player, I would strongly recommend her as a trainer.  If you are willing to put in the work, she will assist you in your development. My husband and I met Shantel a year ago.  Since then she has helped my son (Cameron) improve his fundamentals and understanding of the basketball game immensely.  Since working with trainer Shantel, Cameron have improved his footwork and his ability to shoot.  Shantel emphasis on improving fundamentals, with a focus on detail is the reason she is one of the best trainers in Shreveport, LA.  Shantel has the ability to analyze a player and recognize his strengths and weaknesses instantly.

Chris Gatlin

Shantel is definitely a world class trainer and I don't say that lightly at all. I've never been put through those type of workouts before training with her. I was kept on my toes every day I walked into the gym, she never allowed me to become stagnant and I can truly say that I got I better every day and I appreciate her so much for that. She showed me that the only way to really see improvement and get better is to become comfortable being uncomfortable. I have to thank her for taking my work ethic to another level. I still carry her words, enthusiasm, encouragement, and wisdom with me daily. I recommend anyone in the Shreveport-Bossier area that is SERIOUS about taking their fitness level and overall quality of life to the next level take advantage! She's the best!! Lastly, I have to thank her for seeing something in me. I thank her for all of the hours she put in with me, all of the individual attention and detail she put into every single workout. It's no way I could repay her for that.