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To all my athletes,no matter what sport, who thinks the big ticket is JUST to make it to the NFL,NBA, WNBA,or the NBL is the ONLY way to become rich, successful, and famous…

Unfortunately, to many that’s ALL that matter’s!! Many leave high school in hopes of getting a college scholarship, however, while in college a lot of athletes ONLY MISSION is to make it to the pros. Before I go any further let me share a few percentage’s with you about the odds of an athlete getting a scholarship to college to play D1 basketball for boys and girls…

For boys coming out of high school the percentage was at one point 99:1 for boys and 84:1 for girls to play D1 basketball. So think about ONLY 1 out of 99 kids getting scholarships, wow!! The percentages are even worse for odds of becoming a pro: for boys its 1,860:1…for girls its 3,416:1!!! Within those percentages are injuries such as blowing a knee out among other injuries!! That’s why education is so important because what happens if you don’t get a scholarship or make it professionally?

Well, having an education helps you:

  • Become self independent, meaning a great education can turn your dreams of being rich into a reality without depending on a particular sport.
  • Realize what you would like to be other than an athlete.
  • Gives you confidence to share your views, thoughts, and opinions on different issues. Some consider your education as an acceptance of your knowledge on different views.
  • Being educated gives you more chances of being heard and taken seriously. We live in a world that has spoken and unspoken rules and ONE of them is EDUCATION.
  • Your education helps you become involved in the society as well as your community about different changes. Education is a must if we want to do away with existing differences between races, social classes, and gender.
  • Having your education can also help you get a great high paying job. A great job with a social reputation, promising and secure future, are benefits of gaining a stable life for yourself and your family.

So keep your dreams of becoming a great athlete but most importantly inspire to get and have a great education. Prioritize your life and goals by putting God first, family, education, then sports.


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